LIANG Yi-qiang, FAN Yu, ZHOU Jian-jun, LIU Tai-qiu.Overview of Power and Thermal Management Technology for Hypersonic Engine[J].航空发动机,2024,50(2):11-21
Overview of Power and Thermal Management Technology for Hypersonic Engine
Key Words:hypersonic engine  power and thermal management  propulsion system  power generation technology
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LIANG Yi-qiang, FAN Yu, ZHOU Jian-jun, LIU Tai-qiu AECC Shenyang Engine Research InstituteShenyang 110015China 
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Abstract:Hypersonic aircraft represents a crucial focus in equipment development, owing to their exceptional high-speed penetra? tion and swift strike capabilities. However, stringent requirements for thermal management and power supply are imposed by hypersonic flight conditions. A comprehensive review of technologies concerning thermal protection, fuel thermal management and inlet air precooling is conducted. Thermal management significantly impacts the performance and function of hypersonic engines, but its current technical maturity level in this field is relatively low. The integration of airframe and engine is identified as one of the important approaches for addressing these challenges. A literature review was conducted to compare the generation and utilization technologies of power supply with traditional aircraft. Key technologies of primary power supply methods in existing hypersonic engines are outlined, including the fuel vapor turbine. The future developmental trends in power and thermal management are summarized, such as thermoelectric conversion, providing a reference for the development of integrated power and thermal management technologies for hypersonic engines.
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