1          Aims and Scope
             Aeroengine is an academic journal, which is in the charge of AVIC, sponsored by Shenyang Engine Design and Research Institute, and it is the Source Journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations . It was established in 1975 .It is published all around the world as bimonthly now. The journal is indexed by the Index Copernicus, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, the CD-ROM publication Chinese Academic JournalCAJ-CD, published by the CAJ-CD Electronic Journals Publishing House,and it is indexed by Wanfang Data Corporation and Chinese Academic Journal Data Base. It was certificated by the Source Journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations in 2012.
          The primary aim of Aeroengine journal is rapidly publishing and spreading design,experiment, material,manufacture,management achievements for aeroengine and gas turbine development, propagandizing technology guideline, promoting scientific research achievement, developing technical exchange,communicating sci-tech information. It provides services to the development and revitalization of aeroengine.The subject areas cover Design, Experiment, Manufacture and Support technologies of aeroengines and gas turbines. The target readers are professional scholars engaged in design, experiment, material research, technology researchproduction decision and management of aeroengines and gas turbines, and professors and graduates of aerospace and relative specialty in universities are included also. 
 2        Review for the Manuscript and the Copyright
2.1     Please follow the contribution requirements according to the website( offers a fast publication schedule while maintaining rigorous peer review, it is achieved by managing the whole of publication process electronically from submission to peer-review .Besides the peculiar circumstance, we do not accept paper manuscript.
2.2      Aeroengine editorial department will complete of the initial review within 5 working days on receipt of the manuscript, and inform the author whether their manuscript is passed the initial review. To the passed manuscript, the editorial department requests the author to handle the copyright agreement (Guarantee the paper does not involve State secrets, does not have academic misconduct, does not have intellectual property disputes, allow the editorial department editing and publishing). If the author does not have special statement when they submit the paper, the copyright transfer to editorial department. When Aeroengine journal communicates and cooperates with document database and retrieval system in China and abroad, we do not have to ask the author's opinion. We will complete the whole peer-review process in two months after the manuscript is passed the initial review, and notify the author whether the manuscript is accepted.
2.3    Editors for Aeroengine  editorial department have the right to make necessary technical and writing revises. The author has right to submits the manuscript to other journals if he did not receive a reply 4 months from the submission to Aeroengine. Before this, submitting to other the manuscript publications is forbidden.
3          Submission Requirements and Attention
3.1      the manuscripts should have innovation in science or have advancement in technology. The opinions should be clear, writing should be concise and data should be reliable. Paper should not over 8000 words generally (including illustrations and tables). The manuscripts must include title, name of the author, work unit of the author and postcode, abstract and keywords (3~8 words), the text, references. If the manuscript is funded by an organization, please indicate the name and number of the fund.
3.2      The title must be accurate and concise, it is generally not more than 15 words. Abstract should have independent reference value, write the paper taking of the third person’s manner, abstracts should more than 150 words. Abstracts of research papers must contain the following aspects,including key words(3~8 words), methods, results and conclusions.
3.3      Introduction section should including a brief description of the background, existing problem and objective of the research. The material and method should content enough information, and operate reproducibility.
3.4      Illustrations should have self-evident features, insertion at the paragraph where it first mentioned in the manuscript. Uses the colored figures as far as possible, the explanatory should be clear, write the numbers and figure legends at the same time. Coordinates graphs should mark gridline, coordinates and unit of the abscissas and ordinate.
3.5      In the reference list, references are numbered in the order in which they are cited in  the article (citation-sequence reference system).Aeroengine no longer uses the citation-name system with an alphabetized reference list. In the text, references are cited parenthetically by number in sequential order.
3.6    The submission should meet the requirement of edition publication standardization, consistent with the format of writing, unit symbol must accord with national standards, the difference between locations of superscript/subscript should be obvious.
3.7     If the manuscript does not meet these requirements, editor will be contact the author to modify the manuscript firstly, review the paper when it meets our requirements.
4      Contact Information of Aeroenine Editorial Department
Address: No 1 Wanlian Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang, China
P.O.Box 428-18, Shenyang, China
Postal Code: 110015
Tel: (86-24)24281757, 24281751
Fax :( 86-24)24285673