HAN Yong-jian 1 , WANG Xi 2.A Constrained Multi-objective Design Method for Nozzle Control[J].航空发动机,2024,50(2):127-133
A Constrained Multi-objective Design Method for Nozzle Control
Key Words:Nozzle double loop control structure  constrained multi-objective  differential evolution  self-tuning algorithm  engine nonlinear model  aeroengine
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HAN Yong-jian 1 , WANG Xi 2 1. AECC Guizhou Honglin Aero-Engine Control Technology CO. Ltd.Guiyang 550009China 2. School of Energy and Power EngineeringBeihang UniversityBeijing 100083China 
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Abstract:To overcome the limitations of the trial-and-error method in optimization of control loop parameters, and to address the issue of nozzle oscillation in turbofan engines during the afterburning state, taking into account the working characteristics of the nozzle dual loop control structure, an on-demand forward design strategy was adopted to meet the design requirements of the system's time- domain and frequency-domain performance indicators. A design objective criteria for coordinated control of the inner and outer loops, which takes into account both time-domain and frequency-domain performance requirements, was developed. A constrained multi- objective differential evolution inner and outer loop control parameter self-tuning optimization design method for nozzle control was proposed, and the closed-loop control system simulation verification on a nonlinear model of a dual rotor turbofan engine was conducted. The results show that in the process of afterburning initiation during the takeoff and climb conditions with flight altitude increasing from 0 km to 10 km, flight Mach number accelerating from 0 to 0.9, and in the process of afterburning shutting down during level flight with constant flight Mach number, the engine did not exhibit nozzle oscillation or other phenomena. The maximum relative error of the turbine pressure ratio was not greater than 1.5%. The nozzle closed-loop control system has the expected servo tracking and flight condition disturbance-resistant ability.
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