FANG Jian-feng.Aeroengine Vibration Environment Spectrum Statistical Induction and Reproduction on Vibration Testing Table[J].航空发动机,2024,50(2):159-163
Aeroengine Vibration Environment Spectrum Statistical Induction and Reproduction on Vibration Testing Table
Key Words:vibration data  statistical induction  environment spectrum  vibration testing table  reproduction  aeroengine
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FANG Jian-feng Chinese Flight Test EstablishmentXi’an 710089China 
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Abstract:To meet the requirements of conducting vibration assessment tests under conditions close to the operating environment for the development of aeroengine and airborne products, it is necessary to provide the input spectrum required for the vibration assessment test based on the measured engine vibration data. Based on the induction method of environment measurement data provided in GJB/Z 126- 99, a statistical induction method for vibration environment spectra measured engine vibration data was established and implemented through a program. The measured vibration spectra at engine measuring positions were obtained by statistical induction according to vibra? tion data from multiple actual test flights. Based on the principle of energy equivalence and consistent distribution of signal frequency domain characteristics, the spectra obtained using the induction method were converted into vibration environment spectra which can be used as the input for the vibration testing tables, and experiments for vibration signal reproduction were conducted on vibration testing tables. The results show that the frequency domain distribution characteristics of the output signal of the vibration testing table are consistent with that of the measured engine vibration signal. The maximum difference in the overall vibration within the statistical frequency bandwidth is 5.7%, which proves the rationality of the conversion method and the capability of providing real input spectra for vibration assessment tests of aeroengine airborne equipment under conditions close to the service environment.
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