XIAO Sheng-rong, DING He-yan, WANG Zhi-yong, ZHANG Tong, LIU Peng-rui.Thermal Stability of a Low Infrared Emissivity Coating[J].航空发动机,2014,40(2):15-18
Thermal Stability of a Low Infrared Emissivity Coating
Key Words:coatings  low infrared emissivity  thermal stability  modified silicone  binder  stealth
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XIAO Sheng-rong, DING He-yan, WANG Zhi-yong, ZHANG Tong, LIU Peng-rui 中航工业北京航空材料研究院北京 100095 AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Beijing 100095,China 
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Abstract:In order to efficiently decrease infrared emissivity on surface of aircraft high temperature position, the low infrared emissivity coatings at 8~14μm were prepared by using modified silicone and Aluminum powder as binder and pigment, respectively. The thermal stability and infrared emissivity of the coatings was researched, and the influence of temperature on the gloss and mechanical properties of coatings was investigated with scanning electron microscopy and thermo gravimetric analysis. The results indicate that good mechanical properties of the coatings are reserved under 300 degrees, and the infrared emissivity is inversely related to the temperature, while the gloss is proportionate to the temperature. The thermal degradation happened and the gloss went down and the mechanical properties reduced when the environment temperature is higher than 300 ℃
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