Covering letter and copyright transfer form for manuscripts submitted to Aeroengine journal

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Institutional approval or commentsThis article has been approved to publish in the indicated journal for its originality and integrity without fraud such as fabrication, plagiarism, duplicate submission, or other issues running against the existing laws or regulations of the People’s Republic of China.

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Authorization for the article

In consideration of the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China and relevant regulations and the creative contribution to the submitted material made by editors from Aeroengine journal before publication, the author or authors agree to transfer their copyrights or relevant property rights to the Aeroengine journal on the date of signing this transfer agreement if the article has been accepted for publication by Aeroengine journal. The Aeroengine journal has the rights for, but not limited to compilation, publication, reproduction, interpretation, E-publication, and worldwide transmission of the article in whole or in part, while permitting to be included in, searched and used by retrieval systems such as Internet or databases in China and abroad, or to be published and used in other languages via different media existing or arising later in the way that is not against the existing law of the People’s Republic of China or the law issued afterwards. The Aeroengine journal will make a full payment including copyright transfer fee to the author or authors after the article is published.

The author or authors confirm that: (1) this writing is an original work (mark with a tick in the pane); a translation; a review article. The article is free from intellectual property dispute, not a duplicate submission nor confidential in any form; it has not been published in the language which Aeroengine journal use. (2) The author or authors will not publish the article worldwide in any form or any media in the language which Aeroengine journal use or permit a third party to use it without the permission from the Aeroengine journal.

The Aeroengine journal agrees that the author or authors have non-exclusive rights to use the article, but they have to get permission from the Aeroengine journal before their exercise. However, using the format of Aeroengine journal by which this article is published is forbidden.

The Aeroengine journal or the author or authors should bear the corresponding responsibilities if either of them infringes this agreement in accordance to the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China. For the other rights of the author or authors, they should be put forward by the author or authors and negotiated by the two sides. This authorization takes effect from the date of the article’s publication, and the period of validity should be as long as the copyright protection period of this article.

If the article is a work creation, please make a note and sign the agreement by the institution.

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