Volume 50,Issue 2,2024 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  


Compressor Research Based on Aeroengine Product Requirements[Abstract][PDF]

Overview of Power and Thermal Management Technology for Hypersonic Engine[Abstract][PDF]

Key Technologies and Development Prospects of Intelligent Gas Turbines for All-electric Marine Propulsion Systems[Abstract][PDF]

Research Progress on Aeroengine Blade Surface Damage and Inspection[Abstract][PDF]

High-speed Turbine Engine Configuration Scheme for Turbine-Based Combine Cycle Power System Based on Cycle Parameter Analysis[Abstract][PDF]

Simulation of Variable Geometry Characteristics of Single Bypass Variable Cycle Engine[Abstract][PDF]

Technical Route Analysis of Intake Precooling Adapted to Aircraft Requirements[Abstract][PDF]

Effects of Air Flow Rate Variation in Each Stage of a Triple-stage Swirler on Combustion Performance[Abstract][PDF]

Numerical Simulation and Experimental Verification of Flange Joint Bolt Preload Uniformity Under Clockwise-counterclockwise Circular Tightening Sequence[Abstract][PDF]

Fatigue Small Crack Propagation Test of FGH96 Turbine Disc Structure Simulation Specimen[Abstract][PDF]

Flexible Multi-body of Variable Inlet Guide Vane Actuation Systems[Abstract][PDF]

Prediction of Damage to Fan Blade from Bird Strike Based on Response Surface Method[Abstract][PDF]

Transient Response Analysis of GTF Engine Rotor System Under Sudden Unbalance[Abstract][PDF]

Numerical Simulation of Oil Immersion Cooling Performance of Electric Fuel Pump Driving Motor[Abstract][PDF]

Inter-shaft Bearing Fault Diagnosis Method Based on LMD and AO-PNN[Abstract][PDF]

Thermal Performance Simulation of Lubricating Oil System Based on Aircraft-engine Integration[Abstract][PDF]

A Constrained Multi-objective Design Method for Nozzle Control[Abstract][PDF]

Optimization Design of Constant Pressure Valve Parameters of Aeroengine Fuel System[Abstract][PDF]

Inspection of Turbine Blade Film Cooling Holes Based on Fiber Optic Multi-sensor Measurement Technique[Abstract][PDF]

Automatic Recognition for Aeroengine Rotor Unbalance Surge[Abstract][PDF]

Intelligent Management and Control Technology for Hydraulic Loading System of Altitude Simulation Test Facility Based on Lightweight BIM[Abstract][PDF]

Aeroengine Vibration Environment Spectrum Statistical Induction and Reproduction on Vibration Testing Table[Abstract][PDF]

Research on Fan Blade Root Explosive Cutting Method for Casing Containment Test[Abstract][PDF]

Research on Installation Loss of Turboshaft Engine with Covert Installation Layout[Abstract][PDF]